Why Choose Hardwood Timber

In general, Hardwood comes from deciduous trees which loose their leaves annually. Tropical hardwoods are an exception as they mostly come from evergreens. Hardwoods tend to be slow growing and are therefore usually more dense.

Each hardwood species has its own specific characteristics which need to be considered when choosing the right wood for your project.

Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd are hardwood timber merchants and specialists. At our Trafford Park site in Manchester we supply sawn hardwoods in a wide range of species.

In the UK we have a strong tradition of building with Oak and it has remained a popular choice due to its durability and beauty. It is commonly used in general joinery, flooring, cladding, cabinets and staircases, as well as oak framed building projects. We stock both Grade A European Oak and American White Oak.

Our range of hardwoods also includes American Black Walnut. This has a wonderful marble finish and creates a stunning look in kitchens.

African Iroko is another popular hardwood that we stock . It is a strong, very durable timber of attractive appearance, it can be used as an alternative to Teak.

Ash is a natural shock absorber so it is ideal for making tool handles, oars and hockey sticks.

Whatever your structural and aesthetic requirements hardwoods can give you 4 great benefits:

  1. Strength – hardwoods are strong because they come from slow growing trees. The trees’ cellular structure is dense, making them ideal for construction, flooring internal and external joinery
  1. Visually Appealing – Hardwoods come in a wide range of colours from the beautiful marbled American Black Walnut to sleek pale Ash. The temperate hardwoods have annual growth rings which give unique patterns.  The added bonus of hardwood is the great insulating properties. Hardwood has minute air pockets due to its cellular structure which makes it a pleasure to touch.
  1. Maintenance – Hardwoods are generally easy to maintain which is why they are often the wood of choice for flooring. Any scratches or dents in hardwoods can easily be fixed by sanding, varnish and waxing to restore its beauty, rather than having to replace the damaged area. A beautiful, hardwood floor looks spectacular and is also hard wearing.
  1. Long Lasting– so cost effective in the long run!!

Whatever your timber needs we can help so call Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd the hardwood timber merchants and specialists to discuss your project on 0161 872 1841.  We are  happy to discuss your building project and advise on the right wood for you.