Swedish Redwood


Timbers of a good size are available as the girth of the Redwood tree is fairly large. The Redwood species contains the largest and tallest trees in the world. Redwood is often used as a substitute for Teak.


  • Colour – Redwood timber has a reddish cast with a distinctive figuring caused by the growth rings.


  • Strength – Medium overall strength. It is not a stiff timber and has a low shock resistance. It is very stable.
  • Ease Of Drying – Dries well and only shrinks a little
  • Movement In Service – Stable, low shock resistance
  • Preservative Treatment – The sapwood is permeable for preservative treatment, but the heartwood is moderately resistant.

Working Properties

  • Machining – Machines well
  • Workability – Redwood timber works easily in general but knots or resin can sometimes cause problems. Grades vary and Unsorted Redwood and Vth Redwood are stocked by Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd, with the Unsorted having fewer knots.
  • Nailing – Satisfactory
  • Screwing – Satisfactory
  • Gluing – Glues well
  • Bending – Does not bend well


  • Staining and Painting – Gives an excellent finish