Oak Beams

Fresh Sawn Oak

Fresh Sawn European Oak is cut straight from the log and is produced in Europe. This product will be fine sawn and should be used where shrinkage and movement will not be an issue.

This product will dry slowly and splits will occur with the natural drying process as moisture escapes the timber. Moisture will normally be 40%-70%. Fresh Sawn Oak will normally be used on external projects such as porches, garages, lock gates, gate posts and much more.

This product can also be used in some internal projects where suitable.  We can also supply English Oak Beams if preferred.

Air Dried Oak

Air Dried Oak Beams are Fresh Sawn Oak Beams that are typically left outside to season for 6-12 months and longer. During this period they lose most of their natural moisture and will develop shakes and large splits on the face as they dry.

They will also weather grey if left for a substantial time which adds to their effect. You can choose to keep the ‘weathered’ look (I.e. grey) or we can ‘clean’ (PAR) these for you. Please advise your preference of this when you enquire.

Large knots and splits are natural to this product and are not defects. Black staining can occur in this product when in contact with metal, this can be removed with a suitable bleaching agent. This product is suitable where shrinkage will be an issue and low movement is necessary.

Bulk Timber

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