Vertical Grain Hemlock


Vertical Grain Hemlock is an excellent, stable, low priced timber.


  • Colour –The heartwood is white to yellow brown with the sapwood paler than the heartwood but often unable to be differentiated. It has a lustrous finish.
  • Grain – Hemlock generally has a straight and even grain with clear growth rings and a fine texture.


  • Drying Characteristics – It Kiln dries slowly because of its high moisture content, but seasons well. Hemlock can be air-seasoned or kiln dried to minimise degradation. Drying defects may occur including uneven moisture content, warping and chemical stains. Ease of drying is moderate. It should be resin free and odourless when properly dried. It should have a high dimensional stability when properly dried.
  • All Illingworth Ingham’s Hemlock is kiln-dried.
    Density: 700 – 750 kg/m3
  • Durability: Very little resistance to decay so needs proper and adequate protection.
  • Stability: High dimensional stability. Highly rated for its stability under different moisture conditions.
  • Weight – Moderate

Working Properties

  • Machinability – It is very easy to machine and mould and planes to a good finish. Surfaces may scratch or dent however, due to the softness of the wood.
  • Nailing – Vertical Grain Hemlock has good nail holding properties and has very good resistance to splitting when nailed.
  • Screwing – It also has very good screwing properties and a good screw holding ability.
  • Gluing – It can be glued with ease too.
  • Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd Stock Clear Hemlock
    2″ X 5″ Only vertical grain
    2″ X 8″ Only vertical grain
    2½″ X 5″ Only vertical grain


  • Vertical Grain Hemlock’s general finishing qualities are good, provided it is properly dried. It can be painted, stained, varnished and polished all with good results.