Clear Douglas Fir


Clear Douglas Fir is best known for its tough fibre, dense grain structure and strength. Appreciated by designers and architects alike it has rich visual quality that responds to fine craftsmanship and finishing.


  • Colour – Douglas Fir has a light, rose colour, which darkens over time when exposed to UV rays.
  • Grain – When sawn, its vertical grain is particularly attractive and has a remarkably straight grain pattern.


  • Durability – Rated as moderately resistant to decay. Needs proper and adequate protection.
  • Resistance to Abrasion – Good, works well in areas where hardness is a factor.
  • Hardness – Medium

Working Properties

  • Cutting – Easy
  • Sawing – Easy
  • Planing – Easy
  • Turning – Easy
  • Nailing – Easy
  • Gluing – Easy

  • Moulding – Very good
  • Hand and Power Tools – Works readily
  • Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd Stocks – Clear Douglas Fir
    1″ x 4″ – wider
    1 ½” x 4″ – wider
    1 ½” x 11¼” – only
    2 ½” x 4″ – wider
    3″ x 4″ – wider


Clear Douglas Fir machines to an exceptionally smooth, glossy finish and when dry it retains its shape and size without shrinking, swelling, cupping, warping, bowing or twisting and generally won’t show a raised grain.

Clear coatings, transparent lacquer, varnishes, oils, wax, bright or subdued stains, tints or paints and enamels are all appropriate finishes.