Dark Red Meranti


Dark Red Meranti is a 100% clear grade hardwood that is native to Southeast Asia. It is often used as an alternative to Mahogany.


  • Colour – Sapwood is purplish in colour and not clearly demarcated from heartwood. Heartwood is dark brown to deep red and sometimes deep purple. Conspicuous white dammer or red streaks.


  • Strength – High bending strength in air-dry conditions (12% moisture approx.). Compares favourably with Teak. Maximum crushing strength medium, which is lower than Teak. Moderately hard.
  • Weight – High – about 670 kg/m³
  • Ease Of Drying – Slowly and fairly difficult to dry. Warping may occur. Thick material may check and end split.
  • Movement In Service – Small – Dimensional stability after seasoning and holds shape well.
  • Preservative Treatment – Heartwood varies from resistant to very resistant. Sapwood fairly permeable to permeable.

Working Properties

  • Sawing – Generally easy to saw but the presence of interlocked grain may cause sawn surfaces to be fibrous
  • Moulding – Moulds easily to produce clean surfaces
  • Routing – Usually easy to rout with machine tools
  • Planing – Generally easy to plane and work in most operations, a reduced cutting angle to 20 degrees is recommended where there is interlocking grain
  • Boring – Relatively easy
  • Mortising – easily and cleanly with sharp tools
  • Steam Bending – Poor
  • Turning – Generally good
  • Carving – Generally good
  • Screwing – Good
  • Nailing – Good
  • Gluing – Good


  • Polishing – Good
  • Staining – Satisfactory