Timber Treatment

Good Quality Timber Deserves Special Care

Good quality timber deserves special care which is why we offer a range of timber preservation treatment services including Koppers Protim 265, Tanalised timber treatment, Tanatone timber treatment and a priming and lacquering service.

Protim 265

Protim® Protects

Protim® is an organic based low pressure preservation system. The Protim® pressure treatment system is a tried and trusted method of preserving timber against fungal decay and insect attack for internal and external timbers in above ground applications.

Professional building contractors and specifiers look to the Protim® brand to ensure a premium quality wood preservative that gives durability to pre-treated timber and peace of mind.

Unprotected wood can also be a source of food for fungi and certain species of insects. Therefore, it is essential that wood is pre-treated with Protim® preservatives to ensure protection against wood boring insects and fungal decay throughout the service life of a project.

The benefits of Protim®

  • Protim® pressure treated wood is very cost effective when balanced against the potential expense that could be incurred in future remedial treatments and refurbishment.
  • By using Protim® pressure treated wood you can extend the service life of timber projects.
  • Effective against wood boring beetles, wet rot and dry rot fungi.
  • Protim® pressure treated wood is widely available.
  • Protim® allows the use of less naturally durable plantation grown softwoods.

Save Time And Resources With Our Priming & Laquering Service

Ensure timber quality and finish is maintained on site using our vacuum coating line.

We can prime, lacquer and clear seal timber products up to 63 mm X 180 mm and deliver direct to site.

Clear sealing produces a wipeable finished surface; thus ensuring quality of material is maintained in site.

  • Professional finish.
  • Anti-knotting Primer – special order done by hand.
  • Cost effective process – saving you time and money.
UC Use
1 Above ground, covered. Permanently dry, insect risk
2 Above ground, covered. Occasional risk of wetting.
3a Above ground, covered. Exposed to frequent wetting.
3b Above ground, uncoated. Exposed to frequent wetting.
3b In contact ground or fresh water. Permanently exposed to wetting.

Tanalised Timber Treatment

Complete protection against decay and insect attack for all youre building, fencing, landscaping and water contact timbers.

Why you should choose to Tanalise Protect:

  • Pressure impregnate with Tanalith preservative to provide clean, bright, long life timber.
  • Use the latest generation preservative that gives no surface salt deposits on the treated timber.
  • Tanalised timbers have the preservative completely “fixed” within the timber and will not leach out in any environment.
  • Tanalised timber is fully compatible with metal fixings
  • When used above dpc level in buildings, Tanalised timber treatment can offer a 60-year service against decay and insect attack.
  • Clean, non-oily and odourless treatment
  • Meets all current UK specifications and European standards.


Pressure treated timber with built-in colour. All the benefits of Tanalised timber treatment, but with a rich brown colour built-in, so eliminating the need for further staining.

Fire Retardant Treatment For Internal Timbers – Pyrolith KD
This fire retardant process is suitable for softwoods including Redwood, Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Hemlock to give Class 1 surface spread of flame protection. Many hardwoods are also suitable for this type of timber treatment.

Suitable for internal structural/decorative timbers, used above d.p.c level, not exposed to the weather or direct wetting. It is not suitable for external use or on timbers with ground contact.

There should be no change of appearance to timber following treatment. It is non-corrosive to metal fixings and may be painted, stained and glued. It is non-toxic, and decay and insect proof.