African Iroko


African Iroko is a strong, very durable timber of attractive appearance and small movement. It is suitable for many purposes for which teak is used.


Colour – African Iroko is yellowish brown, deepening to dark brown, with lighter markings
Grain – Typically interlocked and sometimes irregular.
Texture – Medium.


Strength – Slightly lower than European Beech or Teak.

Weight – 660 kg/m³

Ease Of Drying  – Dries well and fairly rapidly without much degrade. Little splitting or distortion occurs but there is some tendency for stick marks to appear during drying.

Movement In Service – Small.

Preservative Treatment – Extremely Resistant.

Working Properties

  • Machining – Machines with medium ease, interlocked grain can affect machining.
  • Sawing – Satisfactory.
  • Planing – Can be planed with a reduction of cutting angle to 15 degrees.
  • Blunting effect on cutters – moderate but severe when stone deposits exist.
  • Nailing – Satisfactory.
  • Gluing – Satisfactory.


  • Staining and Polishing – Good when filled.