Sawfalling Whitewood


Sawfalling Whitewood can be used for all the usual softwood purposes including general carpentry. It is popular for stairs manufacture.


  • Colour – The sapwood and heartwood of Sawfalling Whitewood are not clearly marked off from each other, the wood being a very pale yellowish-brown colour, sometimes almost whitish.


  • Natural Durability – Non-durable but it responds well to all preservative agents including water soluble preservatives.
  • Ease Of Drying – It is a lightweight species averaging when fully dry only 490kg/m³. Drying creates no special problems except when knotty. The wood holds its shape well when dry.
  • Movement In Service – Medium.

Working Properties

  • Sawfalling Whitewood works well with standard equipment and worked edges remain sharp. However, it is not popular for purposes such as turning.
  • Planing – The planed surfaces of the wood have a slight sheen and are only very slightly resinous.
  • Steam Bending – Not popular.


  • Takes treatments and paints well.