Thermowood is an ideal choice for cladding. As a result of the ThermoWood process the typical characteristics of softwoods are improved to levels often found in tropical hardwoods; i.e. high durability and excellent stability. These properties are consistent throughout the entire cross section.


  • Colour – ThermoWood has an attractive golden brown appearance which if left without any surface coating will start to grey and weather in quite a short period of time.


  • Reduced Swelling in Humid Conditions – The Thermowood process leads to a significant reduction in equilibrium moisture content and also improves the dimensional stability which means it has dramatically reduced swelling in width when subjected to changes in relative humidity.
  • Resistance to Fungal Attack – Thermowood also has significantly improved levels of durability against fungi attack. With a durability rating of class 3, Thermowood should be capable of satisfying performance requirements for 30 years of service when used for cladding.
  • Resistant to Insect Attack – Our Thermowood has proven resistant to attack from the three most common wood boring insects found in Europe; House Longhorn beetles, the common furniture beetle and the powderpost beetle.
  • Splitting Strength – As a result of the ThermoWood process there is a reduction in the splitting strength properties of Thermowood compared to the original timber.
  • No Leaching – As no substances are added during the Thermowood process, no chemical leaching will occur. Also, as the resin is removed during the process the problem of resin leakage through knots or pitch pockets is also removed.

Working Properties

  • Good. Easy to work with and finishes excellently. Specialised glues are required for gluing.


  • A wide range of coatings can be applied, provided the surface is prepared and application instructions followed. Translucent coatings usually applied.