Southern Yellow Pine


Our Southern Yellow Pine is competitively priced because of abundant timber supply, manufacturing expertise and established market preference. By choosing this popular softwood you can reduce the amount of timber required, resulting in significant cost savings.

Southern Yellow Pine grows in a vast band across the Southern United States from East Texas to Virginia. Nearly 400 manufacturers produce it, making it readily available.


  • Colour – The heartwood is yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, generally resinous, which distinguishes itself from the light-coloured sapwood. Because of its natural beauty, exposed Southern Yellow Pine provides architectural appeal.


  • Superior Strength and Stiffness – Reputed to be the strongest softwood structural timber species, design values for Southern Yellow Pine is the highest of all commonly used wood species.
  • Highest Density – Southern Yellow Pine also has the highest density of all structural lumber species, providing superior fastener holding power and load-bearing capacity.
  • Ideal To Treat – Some 85% of all pressure-treated wood produced in the U.S. is Southern Yellow Pine. It has long been the preferred species for pressure treatment because of its unique cellular structure that permits deep, uniform penetration of preservatives.
  • Dimensional Stability – Southern Yellow Pine dimension timber 2″ and less in thickness must be dried to a maximum moisture content of 19%. This minimizes shrinkage associated with green lumber and provides long-term stability.

Working Properties

  • Hand and Machine Tools – Moderately easy, but resin can cause clogging.
  • Nailing – Good
  • Screwing – Good
  • Gluing – Satisfactory


  • Takes stains, paint and polishes reasonably well.