Abodo Delivers Beauty And High Performance In One Product.

Abodo crafts timbers with lasting beauty that are safe for people and the environment. Timber that stands the test of time: beautiful, durable and rapidly renewable. 

The Features of Abodo:

  • Thermally Modified Radiata Pine
  • Class 1 Durability
  • Expected exterior above ground service life of 30 years
  • 15 year warranty against fungal attack
  • Non corrosive to most metal including aluminium
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Interior and Exterior Application

Elevate your architectural and design projects with Abodo Timber, a premium wood solution that harmoniously blends the beauty of nature with the sustainability of the future.

Crafted from the finest, ethically sourced timber, Abodo Timber is your passport to creating stunning, enduring spaces that not only stand the test of time but also leave a minimal ecological footprint.

Lifetime beauty Abodo timbers are crafted to be enjoyed for years to come. Designed to age with grace, our timbers have exceptional weatherability and maintain their durability and beauty for a lifetime. With tomorrow in mind. 

Abodo is harvested from New Zealand’s rapidly renewable plantation forests. They are ethically crafted with respect from beginning to end – allowing us to meet today’s increasing needs without disadvantaging future generations.

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