Lignia (Modified Wood)

LIGNIA Delivers Beauty And High Performance In One Product.

LIGNIA is the high-performace modified timber produced in the UK for architects, designers and other professionals to specify for the construction industry. LIGNIA is a highly-durable real wood that delivers beauty, high performance and sustainability through a unique modification process.



LIGNIA, The modified softwood that delivers like a hardwood.

LIGNIA’s patent-pending process for modifying softwoods involves treating it with a formulated Phenol Urea Formaldehyde (PUF) resin and then kilning it; on curing, the PUF resin condenses to produce a large chemically-stable molecule ‘locked’ into wood at a molecular level via our proprietary ‘ligniafication’ method. The result of this process reduces the already low levels of formaldehyde present, to meet the stringent emission requirements for internal applications in regions around the world.

The timber’s properties are enhanced to include increased durability against rot and greater stability, density and hardness with a consistently built-in golden-brown colour. 

With its greater durability properties and small movement, it provides all of the advantages of wood as a construction material, with none of the age-old drawbacks.

LIGNIA is produced in the UK in a major modifies timber manufacturing plant.

LIGNIA is modified in LIGNIA Wood Company’s manufacturing plant in Barry, in the UK, and is engineered to last a lifetime. Before the modification begins LIGNIA’s team grades the softwood to make sure its of suitable appearance and with limited defects. The Ligniafication process involves taking softwood (radiata pine), kilning it and then treating it with resin. The resin is ‘locked in’ at molecular level by curing it which gives it the performance and appearance of hardwoods.

LIGNIA undergoes extensive testing at facilities in the UK, France, Germany and North America, proving that the product is a real alternative to tropical hardwoods, thus making it a highly sustainable choice in construction specification.



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