American White Oak


American White Oak is widespread, abundant and secure globally. It can vary in colour, characteristics and properties according to growing regions, so we recommend you work closely with Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd to make sure the American White Oak you order is suited to your needs.


  • Colour – The narrow sapwood of American White Oak is nearly white in colour. The heartwood is pale brown, may be cream to very light brown, occasional reddish tinge.
  • Grain – Bold, straight, moderately open with occasional wavy pattern. Usually have strong contrast in grain.
  • Texture – Medium to coarse


  • Strength – Low stiffness and good overall strength
  • Ease Of Drying – Air-seasoning occurs at a faster rate than average. Very little shrinkage. Kiln dries satisfactorily. Drying defects – grey-brown sapwood stains. Distortion and end splitting may occur and existing shakes may open up. Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd supply kiln dried stock.
  • Movement In Service – Good dimensional stability.
  • Preservative Treatment – Responds well to preservative treatment.

Working Properties

  • Machines – well
  • Sawing – Good
  • Hand Tools – works well
  • Blunting effect on cutters – generally moderate
  • Planing – Good
  • Boring – Good
  • Carving – Good


  • Moulding – Good
  • Sanding – Good
  • Turning – Poor
  • Mortising – Poor
  • Gluing – Good
  • Nailing – Good
  • Screwing – Good
  • Drilling – Excellent


  • Good for staining and polishing, satisfactory for varnishing and painting.