Softwood Timber – Choosing the Right Timber

Choosing the right wood for your development is essential for its success, not only for its construction and durability, but also for the aesthetics of the project. When you place an order with Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd, for either Hardwood or Softwood you can be sure that you are safe in the hands of experts who have nearly 90 years experience of providing first class timber products and timber services to businesses just like yours.

With Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd you will only ever receive the best quality hardwood and softwood timbers, machined to the highest possible standards. Because we offer such a wide choice of timbers, we also offer expert advice to architects, property developers and builders when specifying the right timber for the job.

Softwoods or conifers, from the Latin word meaning “cone-bearing,” have needles rather than leaves, they are generally light and easy to work with. 80% of all timber comes from softwood and each species has different timber type with specific qualities.

Softwoods have many applications and are found in a wide range of building components. Softwoods, like fir and spruce, have a uniform texture and a low resistance to decay, which makes them great for furniture, windows and trim. Others, like hemlock, work well in machines and are great for construction. Fir, pine, redwood and cedar are all considered construction-grade materials. These softwoods are abundant, easy to cut and shape and, especially in the cases of redwood and cedar, weather-resistant. This makes Redwood and Western Red Cedar ideal for timber cladding.

Whatever your specifications Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd can help you find the right timber for your project.