Ekki is a tropical hardwood sourced from West Africa


  • Colour – Ekki has a dark reddish heartwood. The pores contain light coloured mineral deposits which appear as streaks throughout the wood. The sapwood is a pale pinkish white and is sharply defined from the heartwood.
  • Grain – Ekki has an interlocked grain with a close texture.


  • Weight – Extremely hard and heavy, weighing 1070 kg/m³
  • Ease Of Drying – Very difficult to dry and generally shakes badly. Needs to be piled with special care.
  • Corrosive Properties – Acid resistant.

Working Properties

  • Ekki can be difficult to work with, particularly due to its density and interlocked grain which can cause tearout.
  • It can cause blunting of sharp edges and is difficult to glue due to its high oil content. It can be machined and must be pre-bored for nailing. However, it’s longevity makes up for any difficulties.